About Us

         Acquired in 1969,   Ratana Seafood  is an exclusive and premium Thai distributor for local fresh and frozen seafood.
       We deliver quality local seafood to a variety of leading businesses, hotels and restaurants in Bangkok, including Hilton Hotels, Marriott International, Starwood,  Accor Hotels and Inter Continental Hotels Group (IHG).
         Ratana Seafood  has been operated by Sahafoods Gold Siam Trading Co.,Ltd. since 2017.
         "We ensure the freshest, highest quality seafood is shipped to you."
We have a wide range of fresh seafoods and other delicious sea products:

  River prawn       Clams

  Tiger prawn       Blue Crab

  Crab meat         Thai Phuket Lobster

  Sea bass            Thai Mackerel

  Black grouper    Shells

  Thai scallop       Squids

    Our products will be completely controlled at the appropriate temperatures to maintain the freshness.


    Furthermore, All of our seafood is processed under the food safety standards of FDA and AOAC.


    Lab testing is required to ensure consumer safety:

          * Microbiological (Escherichia Coli, staphylococcus, Salmonella spp., etc.)

          * Heavy metals testing (Lead, Cadmium, Mercury, etc.)
          * Formaldehyde test

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